Portrait of Nenad Mlinarevic


Nenad Mlinarevic is one of the most prolific Swiss chefs and part of a modern generation that has completely reinterpreted fine dining. Eating should be fun, but it has to taste good as well. After all, you’re not just spending an enjoyable evening together but also sharing an array of delicious dishes, as it is the case in the "Bauernschänke" in Zurich, which Mlinarevic runs with two partners. The GaultMillau "Chef of the Year 2016" with 18 points and 2 stars in the "Guide Michelin" is a well-diversified culinary entrepreneur with a strong sense for good taste.


In addition to the "Bauernschänke", Nenad Mlinarevic has developed the new food concept for the renowned "Brenner's Park Hotel" in Baden-Baden, he creates menus for the "Tatar" restaurants in Globus, or stages exclusive dinners for a select clientele. But all his activities are based on the same principle that is simple yet demanding: cooking with the best products, as basic as possible, but also as tasty as possible, and above all: with passion!