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“Nenad Mlinarevic and Miele are the perfect blend! In modern kitchens, gastronomy and culinary arts are celebrated, experienced and shared. Nowadays the focus is on quality, sustainability and innovation. The art of preparation is turning into an event. These are precisely the subjects that Nenad and Miele together bring to the kitchen.”

Rico Fallegger

Managing Director Miele Switzerland

“Swiss quality, precision and passion. These are the values that combine top chef Nenad and Victorinox. We look forward to this cooperation.”

Carl Elsener
CEO Victorinox AG

Logo IWC

We are extremely pleased to have Nenad, a young, likeable and outstanding talent, who is just reinventing the Swiss cuisine, as an ambassador for our brand. Our watches represent more than perfect craftsmanship and technology: they stand for passion and emotion, and each of the six watch families speak for themselves as a masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie in our traditionally rich history. In the same way as us, the top gastronomy subsists on passion, ideas and emotions. Here, too, there is a true grandeur in the harmonious combination of skilled craftsmanship, the finest quality and outstanding aesthetics.


Linus Fuchs

Managing Director Switzerland


“Living and hospitality are two interwoven concepts. At Neumarkt 17, it was our pleasure as furniture and design experts to bring Nenad Mlinarevic’s studio in Zurich to life. It is a place of experimentation, creativity and enjoyment – and the design reflects the cutting-edge nature of Nenad’s approach and creations.”

Neumarkt 17

Andreas Schwarz

Managing Director


“Nenad's sense of innovation and quality are a perfect match for Planted - as are his values of sustainability and enjoyment, which are also our highest priorities. We are proud to have Nenad, one of the biggest talents of the Swiss gastronomy scene, as an ambassador for our brand. We are looking forward to many culinary experiences full of passion and emotion at the highest level – without a guilty conscience!”


Pascal Bieri



“Nenad wants to revolutionize the world of cooking with his sense of innovation, quality and unconventional thinking. Everon shares these values and we are proud to call him our brand ambassador.”

Florian Rümmelein 

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