The atelier is Nenad’s creative studio: It is where new creations and innovative culinary concepts are created. With its modern and inspiring atmosphere, this space also serves as a venue for dinner events on request or by invitation for up to 12 guests.



The Bauernschänke stands for a modern, urban and young gastronomy that adds to Zurich’s growing reputation as a city of international stature. Located right in the historic Old Town, it serves simple but refined dishes that meet the highest standards. Utmost culinary care is a given – including a handpicked wine selection or homemade lemonades. 



The Neue Taverne is the latest project by Nenad and the Bauernschänke team. It’s a traditional restaurant in the heart of Zurich that reopens with a new concept at the end of 2019. Vegetables are the main focus, fish or meat serve as incidental components at best. As in the Bauernschänke, attention to detail is given to everything they do: from the preparation of each dish to the drinks menu.


Auswärts is Nenad’s catering service for just about any occasion, diligently planned and executed on a tailor-made basis: be it a fine dining experience or a street food gathering, a wedding or a store opening, or perhaps the culinary portion of a corporate event. The food is always home-made with focus on excellent taste.